Architectural Walls

Architectural Walls

Creating office spaces with architectural walls and modern design has been an impactful product offering of the current workplace environment. Our partners provide multicollection that include walls, acoustic pods, phone booths, and collaborative hubs.

Create Interesting Office Spaces With Acoustic Pods & Booths.

Make the most of your contemporary office space with Oasis Soft Architecture, the latest addition to our collection of Oasis Soft acoustic office pods and booths.

Visually stunning, Architecture’s smart modern design gives you additional working space with minimal added expense. Louvre-style canopies and bridges transforms unused spaces into areas where people can work, meet, and socialize. These bonus spaces can be customized to meet your needs, with traditional tables & chairs, sofas, soft seating, or anything else you can imagine.

Exterior Dimensions: 84”w x 84”d x 89”h, Interior Dimension: 79”w x 79”d x 83”h

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