Space Planning And Design

The Design Process

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Initially, to start the design process, we discuss what your needs are to find the products that are best suited for your business. It is in this step where we’ll find out how you want the office to look and feel. This involves laying out a budget so we can recommend furniture lines that will fit that budget as well as going over project timelines.


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If floor plans are provided they will be uploaded on to our own software programs and used for the planning stages. If they’re not available we’ll visit site to measure and upload our own.All of the information from step 1 is compiled and used in the space planning process. We’’ll prepare some drawings and present these to our clients. The idea is to work to agree a final layout that’s works.


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It is time to add the finishing touches. In this step, we revise the final floor plans, confirm we are still within budget, and we figure out the fabrics and finishes that you would like for tiles, surfaces, trim, and pedestals.


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Here is where you will be able to approve your order. We will proceed to get items ordered with the manufacturer(s).


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We’ll contact our client and schedule an installation date unless the date was already given. In that case, we make sure to keep things on track for the date set. A professional and insured crew will install all of the new furniture and remove all trash from the job site.


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That’s it! We know you’ll love your new space!



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